TEF1108P Xem lớn hơn

TEF1108P ( 8-Port 10/100 PoE Desktop Switch )

Giá bán:


* 8 cổng PoE switch unmanaged
* 8 10/100 BASE - cổng Ethernet TX (PoE)
* IEEE802.3at / af chuẩn tuân thủ
* Phát hiện thiết bị điện tự động và cung cấp năng lượng cho họ thông qua cáp nếu nó phù hợp với AF / AT chuẩn
* Hỗ trợ VLAN, 1-7 cổng sẽ bị cô lập sau khi đẩy nút của VLAN

* Các PoE tối đa là 120W

Bộ phận kinh doanh
0904115652 ( Mr. Phong )
0904844944 ( Mr. Tùng )
0364321495 ( Mr. Cường )
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0913336883 ( Mr. Hải )


8-Port 10/100 PoE Desktop Switch




TEF1108P 8-Port 10/100 PoE Desktop Switch


8-Port 10/100 PoE Desktop Switch


What it does


TEF1108P, launched by Tenda, is a new design of 8-port PoE unmanaged switch. It is suitable for monitoring project and network project. With 8 10/100M adaptive Ethernet ports (RJ-45) provided, it can be used to increase the uplink bandwidth and connective convergence layer. 1-8 ports comply with IEEE802.3at/af standard, detect electrical equipment automatically and power them through the cable if it is suitable to AF/AT standard. Support VLAN, and 1-7 ports will be isolated after pushing the button of VLAN, which can prevent the broadcast storm. frame transmission rate can be sped up. hotel and enterprise wireless network coverage range can extended flexibly, and beyond control of power line layout. with excellent performance and reasonable price. TEF1108P will be the best choice for you to network or upgrading quickly.


Main Features


  • Conform to the IEEE 802.3 / u/x/af/at standard

  • Provide eight 10/100 BASE - TX Ethernet port (PoE)

  • Backboard 1.6 Gbps bandwidth, packet forwarding rate 12.96 Mpps

  • Support the IEEE 802.3 x flow control (full duplex)

  • Support the broadcast storm preventability based on port rate percentage

  • Support broadcast storm suppression based on PPS

  • Toggle switch Settings to control the front panel

  • All ports support line speed forward


Comply with the 802.3 at/ af standard


Not only focus on the present but also the future. It can applied to present AF-based equipment, and specializes in high power AT-based equipment


Support VLAN function


Support VLAN, VLAN can prevent the broadcast storm, speed up the frame of the forward rate, improve the transmission performance of the network


TEF1108P 8-Port 10/100 PoE Desktop Switch


PoE dynamic power supply, support AF/AT standard, PD power smart recognition, matching power supply automatically, eliminate the extra AC power supply cost, save power cost for small and medium enterprises


  • Tiêu chuẩn& Giao thức: IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u,IEEE 802.3x,IEEE802.3af,IEEE802.3at
  • Cổng cố định: 8 10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet port(PoE)
  • Điện áp đầu vào: 100V~240V AC;50/60Hz
  • Kích thước: 294mm*178.8mm*35m(L×W×H )
  • Công suất tiêu thụ điện: AC IN;machine power consumption:<150W;PoE maximum output power: 123.2W
  • Đặc điểm của cổng: Support the IEEE 802.3 x flow control (full duplex);Support for port inhibition rate percentage of the broadcast storm