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Tenda U2 ( Card mạng Wireless USB )

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Card mạng Wireless USB, chuẩn N150Mbps, 1 anten 6dbi. Hỗ trợ: Windows 7,8,10, MacOS - Nhỏ gọn

Nơi sản xuất: Trung Quốc

Bộ phận kinh doanh
0904115652 ( Mr. Phong )
0904844944 ( Mr. Tùng )
0364321495 ( Mr. Cường )
Hỗ trợ kỹ thuật
0913336883 ( Mr. Hải )

U2 is a Wi-Fi 6 adapter with transmission speed up to 286Mbps, which ts securely into your computer and has no eect on the usage of neighboring ports. With a real 6dBi antenna, it sets a record high in signal transmission and reception distance, allowing you to receive wireless signal anywhere at home. It contains an internal driver, which completes installation automatically once plugged into your computer without tedious installation steps. Therefore, you do not need to manually install the driver with a CD-ROM or a le downloaded from the internet. It is compatible with many operating systems including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Linux, and UOS, to meet the requirements of various desktop and laptop users for wireless internet connections.

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